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Marvelous Musa Booysen

My name is Musa Booysen. I am a spiritual and optimistic person who draws all her strength from my relationship with God.I joined LETCEE already having a Community Development background, and I got to understand that the organisation has a holistic approach to development.

After being hands on, I realised that I was learning a lot each day; looking at the world from the eyes of the child, being exposed to programmes like SmartStart and Play to Learn. I’ve always valued maturity and older people as opposed to children, but now I appreciate and value children in a way that I never thought I would. Children are complete beings and are able to sense, comfort and strengthen you. They must be protected and invested upon- which is what LETCEE is doing.

Working with different people has been a learning curve for me in the 1 year that I have been a part of the LETCEE team. I’ve had to facilitate conflict management workshops, sometimes with people who are way older than me.

Comparing between Musa before LETCEE and Musa now, I have finished my 1 year at LETCEE strong! I’ve made mistakes but they have prepared me for tomorrow. There are certain departments that I would still like to learn more on so that I am well informed and ready to be a strong ambassador for the organisation.

Written by: Musa Booyen

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