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LETCEE has been given the incredible opportunity to partner with Wonderbags! Wonderbags are a slow cooker which completes the cooking process without using electricity.

A few of the many benefits of wonderbags are:

  1. Electricity and cooking fuel costs can be cut down by 70%.
  2. Cooking time is also cut down greatly as you can just put it in the Wonderbag before you go to work and leave it there for the day.
  3. Gender based violence will be greatly decreased as women don’t have to constantly be out fetching water and wood.
  4. Less air pollution.

These are a just a few of the amazing benefits of Wonderbags. If you are interested in purchasing one, you can email us at ecd@letcee.org or send us a message on Facebook. You can either buy one for yourself for R50 or sponsor one which we will then give to a family in need. Thank you so much to Lisa Wimble for coming in and doing a demonstration on how to use it. Recipe books will be given with every Wonderbag!

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