Blankets and Beanies for Babies


Blankets and Beanies for Babies

Winter is a very tough, worrying and trying time in the communities, as we know that many families lack warm essentials such as winter clothing, blankets etc.

Our hearts break to think that is the reality of so many families. We put out a request for any winter essential donations and we were absolutely overwhelmed by the response, not only then but the donations continue to this day. With your help and support, we were able to keep hundreds of families and children warm this winter.

Thank you to Snoeks Desmond, Blankets and Beanies for Babies and to every single person who has contributed. Giving the children blankets, beanies, and jerseys has been the greatest joy because we know how much it not only means to them but their families too. Never underestimate the power of small contributions. The smallest donation can go a very long way. Over all, we are so grateful for every single one of you and we cannot thank you all for your support during this incredibly difficult time. THANK YOU!  

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