Zandile: Working at Letcee for 24 years

A bit about myself… My name is Zandile Mchunu, a mother of two children: a boy and a girl. My job at Letcee is a facilitator […]
Annika with kids | LETCEE

Asking the WHY question

Working for an NPO seems to draw people’s attention. When I tell them that this is what I do, they always ask what LETCEE does, what […]
Thuba and Noks

My first encounter with Mr T

I finally got to meet Mr T! Such a ball of energy!He is disabled and has never been to a classroom…but the intelligence! Like many, I […]

Training at Busisa

Some of our vegetable gardeners from different communities had 2 weeks of capacity building at Busisa Foundations for Farming. They were taught new ways of farming […]