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Medical Checks for Children (MCC) visit

This past week, we have had the absolute privilege of having the MCC team with us. MCC is a team of doctors which go to a […]

My first toy library experience.

Wednesday morning, a few of us travelled to one of LETCEE’s beautiful and hidden communities called Snomboza. We went with a mobile toy library, which was […]

Njengabantu Children’s Centre Update

In February this year, we requested for assistance to repair the community hall in Njengabantu which was in a state of despair. Months later, we are […]

Training at Busisa

Some of our vegetable gardeners from different communities had 2 weeks of capacity building at Busisa Foundations for Farming. They were taught new ways of farming […]

Marvelous Musa Booysen

My name is Musa Booysen. I am a spiritual and optimistic person who draws all her strength from my relationship with God.I joined LETCEE already having […]
Thuba and Noks

My first encounter with Mr T

I finally got to meet Mr T! Such a ball of energy!He is disabled and has never been to a classroom…but the intelligence! Like many, I […]